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EV Charging Solutions

Reliable and Comprehensive EVC Solution Integration

As leaders in the EV revolution, our comprehensive turnkey services include professional installation, extended warranties, and ongoing maintenance, catering to diverse needs with customized, eco-friendly, and efficient solutions. We guarantee seamless integration with existing systems, offering peace of mind and support for future demands.

99.1% Uptime

Integrated Software and Turnkey Integration

Multiple Financing and Grant Options

Proven Network of Certified Engineers

2030 Outlook

120 Million EVs and $300M in Charging Infrastructure

Experts forecast a massive surge in electric vehicles (EVs), predicting 120 million EVs on the roads by 2030. This electrifying shift is complemented by an equally impressive expansion in infrastructure, with a projected $300 million investment dedicated to developing EV charging facilities. This substantial funding aims to support the installation of 20 million new EV chargers, significantly enhancing accessibility and convenience for EV users. This dual thrust in vehicle count and infrastructure marks a pivotal moment in the global transition to greener, cleaner mobility solutions, redefining the future of transportation.


Electric Vehicles on the Road by 2030


EV charging infrastructure by 2030


New EV chargers installed by 2030

EV Charging Solutions

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Driving the Future with EV Charging Excellence

Choose Everged for your EV charging integration needs. With our comprehensive installation, warranty, and maintenance services, we are dedicated to powering your journey towards a greener, more sustainable future.