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About Us

EVerged: Uniting Energy, Technology, and Sustainability

At EVerged, we are committed to becoming the world’s leading provider of converged renewable energy. We envision a future where diverse renewable energy sources seamlessly integrate into a single, grid-positive operating environment. Our mission is to innovate and lead in this space, ensuring that the renewable energy landscape is not only sustainable but also efficient and accessible.

Integrated Solutions

Innovation at Our Core

Sustainability Commitment

Global Impact

Our Journey

The Formation of EVerged

EVerged is the result of a strategic amalgamation between True Upside Consulting and TDaaS, two frontrunners in the renewable energy and technology domains. This merger marks a significant milestone in the renewable energy sector. By combining True Upside Consulting’s expertise in sustainable energy solutions with TDaaS’s innovative approach to technology and data, EVerged stands at the forefront of renewable energy convergence.

Redefining Green Energy Solutions: The Groundbreaking Union of True Upside Consulting and TDaaS

People First. Always.

Family Oriented Culture, Internal and External

Pervasive Sustainability

Focus on Customer Mission Success and Attainment

Minority Business Enterprise Investment Focus