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Position your company at the forefront of the energy revolution.

We stand as a transformative force in the energy and EVC technology integration industry. Collaboratively working with entities in the public and commercial sectors, we help seize the immense potential nestled within emerging energy technologies. Our aim is to fuel profitability, foster sustainability, and ignite a wave of innovation in a market that’s ever-evolving and accelerating at a rapid pace.


EVerged Announces Major Expansion of EV Charging Infrastructure in San Diego

In alignment with the city’s recently approved agreement, EVerged will install hundreds of new EV chargers throughout the region, enhancing accessibility and supporting San Diego’s commitment to sustainable transportation.


Energy and Technology Solutions Integration

EVerged specializes in integrating renewable energy and advanced technology solutions. Our focus is on developing eco-friendly and efficient EV charging infrastructure that seamlessly blends with renewable energy sources. By leveraging smart grid technology, EVerged ensures that their systems not only provide reliable and rapid EV charging but also contribute to reducing carbon emissions. This integration of cutting-edge technology with sustainable energy practices positions EVerged as a key player in promoting a greener, more sustainable future in transportation.

High ROI with Reliable EV Charging Solutions

Integrated Solutions. One Reliable Partner.

Everged combines the most advanced emerging technologies to craft customized, all-encompassing solutions, ensuring our clients witness significant business growth and stay ahead of their competition.

Comprehensive Consultation

Expert System Design

Flawless Implementation

Ongoing Support

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Power Up Your Energy and EVC Solutions with EVerged

Are you ready to take your energy initiatives to the next level? Contact us today to discover how EVerged can revolutionize your energy strategies and drive your business forward. Let’s embark on a journey of transformation and success together.

Program Management

Global program management for over $1B in technology deployments

With proven expertise in Program and Project Management, our experience extends to managing global programs amounting to over $1 billion in technology deployments. Over the past three years, we have proudly supported over 1,000 successful projects. Our commitment to excellence is further highlighted by the dedicated and certified program/project management personnel we assign to every installation. Additionally, to ensure the seamless progression of each project, we design a custom integrated master schedule tailored for every project’s unique requirements.

Over 1,000 successful EV projects supported in the last three years

Dedicated and certified program/project management on every installation

Custom integrated master schedule created for every project

Industries We Work With

Cutting-Edge Digital and Energy Solutions Across Industries

At Everged, we leverage our deep expertise in the complex energy industry to provide cutting-edge digital and technology solutions, helping businesses navigate the rapidly changing digital landscape. Our portfolio is geared towards enabling organizations across various sectors to unlock growth, optimize operations, and fully embrace emerging energy technologies for sustainable success. With a proven track record in deploying transformative solutions, we are poised to empower your business in today’s competitive market.

Commercial and Hospitality

Government and Municipal

Academic and Institution

EVerged Industry Partners

Meet Our Esteemed Technology Partners

At Everged, we take pride in our mission to provide our clients with the highest quality, most reliable, and most advanced technological solutions. We understand that achieving this goal requires collaboration with innovative and reputable industry leaders. That’s why we’ve strategically partnered with top-tier technology giants to offer a seamless, integrated experience. Through these partnerships, we empower our clients and enable them to capitalize on the best modern technology within our robust market intelligence.